Over Timebank.cc

Timebank is a complementary currency tool accessible to everyone to help, work and cooperate with each other. Transactions are based on time rather than conventional money such as the Euro and one Timebank Hour equals exactly one hour of work. It enables exchanges within a community in which users can trade services, share skills and knowledge.

Currently Timebank.cc has around 900 active users in the region of The Hague. The association Timebank.cc is a 100% volunteer organisation (+/- 10 people). Our official language is English as many of our users have an international background. More information can be found on www.timebank.cc

Core activity
Timebank combines the advantages of modern technology with the communal principles of living together and sharing. We are an open platform that facilitates and encourages user-initiated projects on parallel economies. The services for which Timebank mediates range from piano tuning to programming apps, from bicycle repair to business consultancy.

Your time is currency!