Stichting En Passant

Over Stichting En Passant

The Chess House En Passant Foundation was founded in 1995 and aims to promote and promote the game of chess in all its facets on a non-commercial and independent basis. A number of volunteers regularly organize chess tournaments (see events), in which both organized and non-organized starting and experienced chess players can participate. While enjoying a drink, the noble game is discussed and practiced by "beginners", "advanced" and "connoisseurs" of all nationalities.

The fact that chess does not only play chess in the chess house is evident from the fact that almost every day all worldly problems are discussed and solved in a fun, social way. In addition, we promote chess events that are organized by the associations or the Haagse Chess Federation. (See agenda).

Also check out our open Facebook page, which also contains announcements of activities or when a board or other game is being played.

Contact: Mike Hoogland | 06-42088793 |