International Women For Development Foundation

Over International Women For Development Foundation

Stichting International Women for Development is a friendly and active group of professionals of all nationalities .

It provides an opportunity to meet other women working in International Organization, Business Women, Ambassadors and Diplomats. Women who aspire to change and help other women, and it is an opportunity for everyone to benefit from each other and cooperate in everything that serves society.

Our Goals
Supporting women in various developmental fields and helping them establish their own projects.
-It is concerned with awareness raising in all fields.
-It is concerned with the field of health and awareness for all members of society.
-It is also interested in culture, cultural heritage, including the architectural style, folk costumes and the diverse folklore of the countries. Its interests also interested in the field of art and music and its prominence through its support and support of artists.

Promote development awareness among women and youth on , and work together in order to empower them economically and and to integrate them into comprehensive development.

providing everything that serves society and developing the capabilities of women and youth, supporting them and enabling them to play a greater role in their society.