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Women collectively possess the power to improve lives and advance their communities. There cannot be real development if one gender is left behind in any development effort. Investing in women’s leadership is an imperative. Women`s self-realization as catalysts for change leads to a broader strive-base for gender equality. A Three R Instrument is recommended that determines the pace of gender equality and is dependent on the provision of adequate "Recognition", "Respect" and "Resources" for women`s collectivized organizational work.

Core activity
Building capacity of Women’s Organisations (WOs), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).
Support and interaction with national institutions and government officials.
Training expert lobby and advocacy to promote a gender inclusive policy-influencing on women, peace and security, democracy and transformation, environmental security and economic empowerment.
Further, we support women’s full integration into electoral and policy-making processes. The unique Gender Election Observation Mission (GEOM) programme, created by Gender Concerns International, addresses women’s democratic participation before, during and after elections as voters, candidates and electoral officials, guaranteeing that the post-election period will be inclusive of women and girls.